Benjamin Singleton's Water Flour Mill at Singleton

aka Singleton's Mill

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In 1827, Benjamin Singleton wrote a letter to the Governor stating that he had established a water-powered flour mill at Patricks Plains (now called Singleton, NSW).

The mill was built on Benjamin Singleton's land, on the bank of the Hunter River:

Location of water flour mill built by Benjamin Singleton at Singleton township before 1827

Above: a map drawn by Mr Lyon in 1836 to advertise the new town of Singleton. The location, at that time, of Benjamin Singleton's watermill in Singleton, NSW, at the eastern end of the Ford, is marked on this map (arrow). Map source: State Library of NSW.

Description of the watermill

Key Facts about Benjamin Singleton's Watermill at Singleton

The watermill was located at the eastern end of the Hunter River crossing at Singleton, known as Singleton's Ford or, later, Dunolly Ford.

No descriptions or drawings have been found of this watermill. However, judging by two watermills that Benjamin Singleton had established previously near Kurrajong, it probably was two storeys high with an attic (three floors).

It would have been powered by a waterwheel. It would have had at least one pair of millstones.

An artist's impression of the watermill built by Benjamin Singleton at Singleton township

Above: No images have yet been found of the watermill established by Benjamin Singleton on the Hunter River at Singleton. However, this is an artist's impression of a watermill which may have been similar in appearance.  

This flour mill would have been needed to support the rapidly growing number of families settling in this area. In later years, it was also used to pump a supply of water for the town.

To read the full story of Benjamin Singleton's watermill at Singleton, including how it may have worked and the challenges that he had to overcome, and the history of other mills established by the Singletons,  download our free PDF:

The Singleton Family Flour Mills at Singleton –
The Hidden History.

Singleton Family Flour Mills at Singleton - the hidden history

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Researched by Anne and Les Dollin

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