Clarence Town Mill

aka Mill Falls, Boatfalls, Williams River, Johns Mill, Singleton's Mill

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Benjamin Singleton received a promise of grant in 1829 for a portion of land on the Williams River, about four kilometres north of Clarence Town. The grant was: "subject to erecting a water mill, stores and other suitable buildings …". [1]

Benjamin established a watermill on this land in about 1829. The mill was known as the 'John Mill'.

The property was described in a notice in The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser on 10 November 1829 as having:

"… an excellent newly erected Mill, with Two Pair of Stones and Dressing Machine complete, in full operation, and capable of grinding one hundred bushels per day, a good Cottage, and other buildings…"

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[1.] RL Ford (1995) Williams River. The land and its people. Published by RL Ford.

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