Benjamin Singleton's 1851 Steam Flour Mill:
John Street, Singleton

aka Mrs. Singleton 's Mill, George Singleton's Mill, Baldwin's Mill, Achurch's Mill, Victoria Mills 

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In 1851, Benjamin Singleton Senior began work on his second steam flour mill It was located in John Street, Singleton, NSW.

Flour mills built in Singleton in the 1800s included one watermill and seven steam flour mills

The locations of eight mills built in Singleton township in the 1800s.

This new steam mill was still in the process of being constructed when Benjamin Singleton died in 1853. Nevertheless, the mill was completed and put into operation by his widow, Mary Singleton, and his sons, Benjamin Singleton Junior and George Australia Singleton.

Description of Benjamin Singleton's second steam mill

Key Facts on Benjamin Singleton's second steam flour mill in Singleton

This mill was located at about 172 John Street, near the intersection with Hunter Street.

The mill building was described as "very large". No precise dimensions for this building have been located so far. It was made of brick with four storeys and an attic (five floors).

In its later years (1875), this mill had a steam engine of 14 horse power and it had four pairs of millstones.

A four storey steam flour mill in New Zealand

Above: No photographs have yet been located of Benjamin Singleton's second Steam Mill in Singleton. However, from descriptions of this mill, it may have been similar in appearance to this steam mill in New Zealand. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Wood Bros. Flour Mill, Addington, Christchurch, NZ.

A devastating explosion

In 1857, the boiler of this mill exploded, wrecking the building.

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Singleton Family Flour Mills at Singleton - the hidden history

Despite the extensive damage caused by this explosion, the mill was rebuilt and put back into operation.

It was leased by George Achurch from 1872 to 1874, under the name, 'Victoria Steam Mills'.

Researched by Anne and Les Dollin

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